Ep 66 - June Recap: $2,290 + 570K Points

$750 Triple Cash, 120K Southwest & Ink bonuses, easier Amex incognito offers, Fidelity SPAXX hub accounts, Costco vs Vuori, Prime Day, Pepper & Kudos, Starbucks scams & wins, Marley Spoon ðŸŠĶ, HelloFresh and much more!

Ep 64 - May Recap: $668 + 530K Points

Moviepass hacks, Resy Plat 15x offers, Kudos & Pepper coins, Robinhood $2K free margin, increased Upgrade and BofA bonuses, US Bank app-o-ramas, Paxlovid bots, free burgers & Starbucks, chicken pot pies and much more!

Ep 63 - April Recap: $9,559 + 5K Points

US Bank quadfecta app-o-ramas, Amex 10x & Chase 7x dining bonuses, Robinhood 1% brokerage matches, free cellphone plans & $20 phones, Target Circle Card churns, Pepper YOLOs & Ibotta IPOs, new Wells Fargo & cashbackmonitor discoveries and much more!


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