Ep 57 - January Recap: $3,052 + 362,500 Points

TMobile Keep & Switch shenanigans, better Capital One offers, Amex Platinum retention strategy, Robinhood unlimited 1% and 3% transfer matches, increased Upgrade and M1 referral bonuses, HelloFresh 75% mailers, and much more!

Ep 54 - November Recap: $1,724 + 250K Marriott

Black Friday haul 😤, major Hyatt & Avis news, 190K Amex Biz Plat hacks, tips for Southwest recons, increased Venture X bonuses, Kona mini trip report, HelloFresh free box codes, ACA silver plan updates, and much more!

Ep 52 - October Recap: $4,180 + 270K Points

Redcard churns are baack, new Capital One & Sapphire lounges, Southwest companion pass season, Amex incognito offers, Robinhood transfer bonuses, almost-free Netflix premium, CLEAR hacks, cheap Mario and much more!

Ep 50 - September Recap: $2,988 + 450K Points

Airline status matches and Globalist hacks, new bonuses from Morgan Stanley & Chase Inks, BofA app-o-ramas, new iPhone 15 Pros, Rakuten mealkit moneymakers, burger crawls, free peloton water bottles, and much more!

Ep 48 - August Recap: $7,835 + 40K Points

Another blockbuster month, with bonuses from US Bank & MooMoo, new offers from Ally & Fidelity, CC spend from buying groups & Kroger, updates on Save, Chase ACH & I-Bonds, freebies from Amazon & Peloton, and much more!

Ep 45 - Deal Alerts & June Recap

Exciting news on a new Deal Alerts feature, along with a detailed breakdown of $1,410 + 195K worth of churns in June, including the massive MooMoo referral bonus, new Chase Ink Preferred offer, RedCard news, Prime Day & more!


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