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Ep 64 - May Recap: $668 + 530K Points

Moviepass hacks, Resy Plat 15x offers, Kudos & Pepper coins, Robinhood $2K free margin, increased Upgrade and BofA bonuses, US Bank app-o-ramas, Paxlovid bots, free burgers & Starbucks, chicken pot pies and much more!

Ep 63 - April Recap: $9,559 + 5K Points

US Bank quadfecta app-o-ramas, Amex 10x & Chase 7x dining bonuses, Robinhood 1% brokerage matches, free cellphone plans & $20 phones, Target Circle Card churns, Pepper YOLOs & Ibotta IPOs, new Wells Fargo & cashbackmonitor discoveries and much more!

Ep 61 - March Recap: $14,445 + 390K Points

Tips for pulling up Amex 250K Business Plat, Robinhood IRA transfers & WeBull comparison calcs, min spend ideas & 10x dining, new award travel tools, Pepper app deep dive, Marley Spoon mealkits, free burgers and much more!

Ep 60 - Booking Award Flights: Best Tools & Workflow

Do you have friends or family who pay cash for flights? Are you manually searching and comparing award prices? This episode dives deep into my award booking workflow and compares new tools like PointsYeah and and why they have become an essential part of the process.

Ep 59 - February Recap: $5,628 + 464K Points

Massive Robinhood & WeBull transfer bonuses, new Amex 10x dining referrals, Hyatt Destination stealth devals, Marriott & Hilton FNC strategy, Target $50 coupons, increased Upgrade Savings bonus, Pepper 10% GC discounts, and much more!

Ep 57 - January Recap: $3,052 + 362,500 Points

TMobile Keep & Switch shenanigans, better Capital One offers, Amex Platinum retention strategy, Robinhood unlimited 1% and 3% transfer matches, increased Upgrade and M1 referral bonuses, HelloFresh 75% mailers, and much more!


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