I recently did an interview with Chris for his show, All The Hacks.

We chat about all the churns, including my favorite ways of meeting credit card spend, bank and brokerage bonuses, credit cards, meal kits, cellphones, discounts, freebies & much more.

Had a great time, massive shoutout to Chris for being an awesome host & interviewer 🙏

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The Daily Churn x All The Hacks

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‎All the Hacks with Chris Hutchins: Making an Easy $3k/mo from Online Deals with Kai on Apple Podcasts
‎Show All the Hacks with Chris Hutchins, Ep Making an Easy $3k/mo from Online Deals with Kai - Jun 26, 2024

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Making an Easy $3k/mo from Online Deals with Kai
Listen to this episode from All the Hacks with Chris Hutchins on Spotify. #181: Learn the profitable side hustle of turning everyday deals into a reliable income stream. Chris and Kai explore an unconventional approach to maximize savings, leveraging brokerage bonuses, meal kits, cell phones, buying groups and gift cards. They also share tips to find the best freebies and discounts. In 2023, Kai earned over $36,000 and 2.4 million points turning deals into profits. He shares his churning journey every month on the his podcast. Link to Full Show Notes: https://allthehacks.com/profitable-deals-into-side-hustle Partner Deals Facet: Personalized Financial Planning + $250 enrollment fee waived Notion: Try Notion AI free to automate tedious tasks and streamline your work DeleteMe: 20% off removing your personal info from the web HubSpot: All-in-one customer platform to get more out of your business Vuori: 20% off the most comfortable performance apparel I’ve ever worn For all the deals, discounts and promo codes from our partners, go to: allthehacks.com/deals Resources Mentioned Kai’s Podcast All the Hacks: Credit Cards Bank Bonuses Newsletter Membership Episode #138: Optimizing Cell Phone Plans: The Best Carriers, Deals, Plans, Insider Pricing, Insurance and More! Episode #170: Cash Back vs. Points: Are We Playing the Wrong Credit Card Game? Doctor Of Credit: Best Bank Account Bonuses | Brokerage Bonuses Freebies and Discounts Slickdeals Rakuten Brokerage Accounts Robinhood: Unlimited 1% Transfer Bonus Webull Schwab E*TRADE tastytrade Moomoo Bonus Info: Bogleheads Meal Kits HelloFresh: Free Box with Referral or 10 Free Meals - Free Appetizer For Life Green Chef: Get 50% Off + 20% Off For 2 Months Marley Spoon: First Box Free (6 Meals) CookUnity: 60% Off 16 Meals (discount lasts 2 weeks so you can get 16 more) / 60% Off 32 Meals Dinnerly: First Box Free Referral codes: Reddit Thread Cell Phone Plans Mint Mobile: $15/mo for unlimited wireless on the nation’s largest 5G network Visible Buying Groups MaxOutDeals BuyForMeRetail Aligned Incentives Gift Cards: Pepper Miles Earn and Burn Full Show Notes (00:00) Introduction (02:43) Quick Overview of “Profitable Deals” (08:20) Leveraging Bank Bonuses (10:58) Opening a Bank Account: Average Requirements and Returns (14:40) Why You Should Prioritize Brokerages to Make Profit (17:14) Brokerage Accounts (24:10) Getting the Best Deals off Meal Kits (25:46) Kai’s Favorite Meal Kits (28:04) How to Save on a New Phone or Cell Phone Plan (31:30) Big Cell Phone Carriers vs. MVNO (32:27) Number Porting for Cell Phone Plans (36:14) Best Sources for Discounts and Freebies (39:15) How to Filter Out the Best Deals (41:10) Kai’s Approach to the Credit Card Game (44:59) Misconceptions Around Opening Credit Cards (46:30) Paying Taxes with Your Credit Card (49:20) How Buying Groups and Reselling Works (56:07) Making Profits on Gift Card Deals (57:31) Bank Funding: Profiting with Zero Costs (59:44) Why You Should Have a Player 2 for Better Deals (1:02:23) Insane Referral Bonuses (1:04:01) Player 2 Hacks (1:06:20) Using Your Business as a Player Connect with All the Hacks All the Hacks: Newsletter | Website | Membership | Email Chris Hutchins: X | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn Editor’s Note: The content on this page is accurate as of the posting date; however, some of our partner offers may have expired. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline, or other entity. This content has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of the entities included within the post.