Comparison of online and in-person options for selling a car, along with a play-by-play of 5 hours spent negotiating a car purchase at a dealership (plus some tricks to watch out for 👀).

  • 1:57 - Online sales
  • 5:36 - Private party marketplaces
  • 8:43 - Issues with selling privately
  • 20:01 - Carvana vs other services
  • 24:38 - Buying a car (then vs now)
  • 34:14 - Art of the scam
  • 41:23 - 5 hours at the dealership...
Thoughtfully designed... to extract your money.

Mentioned in episode

🚗 Online sales

🤝 Private party marketplaces

To be continued...

Head over to Part 2 for the conclusion of the dealership negotiation saga, along with a full list of dealership and buyer strategies to be aware of 👇

Ep 32 - Car Dealerships Part 2

Conclusion to the 5-hour car dealership negotiation saga, along with ideas on alternative negotiation strategies that may yield better results, plus some useful tips for your first visit to the car dealership & common pitfalls to avoid.

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