UPDATE: Public tier payouts will be halved starting November 1. Monday Oct 31 is the last day to submit your ACATS transfers to qualify for the better bonus tiers.

Full review of this amazing brokerage transfer bonus from the Public stock app, including brokerage churning strategy, partial vs full ACATS transfers, using cash to meet tier requirements, and joint account eligibility.

  • Intro - Why this bonus is amazing
  • 4:33 - ACATS transfers 101
  • 8:38 - Strategy for brokerage bonuses
  • 9:32 - Partial vs full ACATS transfer
  • 10:40 - Buffer for tier qualification
  • 11:38 - Transferring cash via ACATS
  • 13:52 - Joint & individual accounts

Show Notes

Sponsored by Pu... just kidding. This is a churning podcast. 🥲
  • Offer: Up to $10K bonus from Public Brokerage - DoC | direct

💬 Helpful comments from DoC

  • To see your cost basis after transferring to Public, you'll need to make an account with Apex Clearing.
  • ACATS transfer fees are covered up to $100 if you transfer at least $500 to Public
  • Transferring cash only counts towards the bonus tiers if transferred to Public via ACATS

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